How To Survive A Bear Attack

By | December 20, 2019

The thought of getting attacked by a bear is something most people hope never happenes to them. There is a good chance that you could encounter one of these magestic beasts on a hike in the wild.  Bears dont normally try to attack humans. If for some reason they charge at you, do you know how to survive a bear attack? For the most part bears try to avoid humans  if they do attack its because they are desprate for food or they are protecting there cubs.Bear attacks have been on a steady rise around the world due to habitat loss, human intrution, a lack of food and climate change.

Black Bear


If you run into a black bear on your hike down the mountain trail be thankful. Black bears are less likely to try to attack you. They can be scared away most of the time. If you stand your ground, make loud noises  and try to make yourself look bnigger you  can usualy scare the bear away. Never try to run from a bear. They are very fast so trying to run will get you no where fast. They can run up to 30 km/h. Do no try to climb a tree as they are excellent tree climbers as well

Brown Aka (Grizzly Bear)


The Grizzly bear or brown bear are the most aggressive type of bear. You can tell its a grizzly by the hump of mussle on the back of there neck. The best way to survive a brown bear attcking you is to avoid it all toghether. Do not try to approach a bear ever. This will always end up bad. Brown bear are very territorial and will attack you if they think you are a threat. If you forced to face one of them be ready to fight for your life.

Polar Bear


Polar bear’s unlike black or brown bears will attack and hunt you if your in there territory. They are the biggest and most dangrous type of bear. They are able to kill you with one swipe. They have claws the size of your hand. They use these to slice open meat and fight off attackers. They are so big they will bite and toss you around like you are a rag doll. The chances of you surviving a polar bear encounter are very slim.  They see humans as pray or as a source of food. So if you find yourself  face to face with a polar bear you better be ready. You will have to fight llike chuck norris if you want to survive this encounter.

What To Do If Attacked?


Black Bear

  • Use Bear Spray: When out in bear country you shouid always have bear spray with you. If charged aim for the face and spray for five seconds. This should be enough to drive the bear away. If the bear try’s to act tough and  comes back spray again always aim for the face.

Black Bear Paw

  • Stand Your Ground: When dealing with a black bear act as if you have a set of balls and stand your ground. Do not run from the bear it will know your a weakling it will run after you and mess you up good. Do not show fear bears can smelll a coward from a mile away. They love cowards so being one will not help aginst a black bear.
  • Yell And Act Big: Black bears dont like conflict. Use sticks and stones to break there bones or to just throw at them. Open your jacket and hold it open with your arms to make yourself appear alot bigger. Yell and scream at the bear, use a wistle if you have one. This can intimidate a bear and most often will cause it to run away.

With all jokes aside bears should always be treated with respect and try to avoid an encounter at all costs. Bear attacks are very serious but staying calm do not show any fear. This can be a very helpful tip that can help you fight off a black bear.

Grizzly Bear

  • Use A Gun Or Bear Spray: Use the bear spray to try to scare the bear away. If that did not work and you feel your life may be in danger. Shoot the prick aim for the head as this will be the best spot to disable the animal the fastest. if its still a threat double tap the S.O.B with another round to the dome. Only use a gun if the bear spay does not work and you feel like you have no other option.
  • Never Run: Do not I repeat do not ever run from a grizzly bear it will catch you. This is the worst thiung you want to do if your approached by a grizzly bear. You want to stand your ground and be prepared to spray it if it gets close. Slowly Back away from the bear. Do not turn your back on the bear just slowly start to back up while looking at the bear. Try to remain as calm as possible while you slowly back away.Grizzly-Bear-Paw
  • Drop To Fetal Position: If the bear charges thrrew the spray drop to the ground. Use your hands to cover your head neck. lay on your stomach. this will give you the best chance to protect your vital organs.
  • Play Dead: If the grizzly bear is attacking you do your best to act dead. Grizzly bears will not stop attacking until  there is no more threat. If the grizzly stops and is still close by. Do not get back up and try to get away. It will attack you again until it thinks you are dead So make sure the bear is out of the area before you try to get up to get away.

Polar Bear


  • Bear Spray Or Gun: The best way you can survive an attack with a polar bear is to just stay as far from them as possible. Polar bears are not the type that will be scared off by yelling or throwing stuff at them. If you encounter one of them you better hope your equiped to fight for your life. These creature are not to be underestimated they will hunt you down and maul you to death and eat you alive. Bear spary or a gun are the best chance that you survive the encounter. Spray as much bear spray as possible in the bears face as possible. Then have your gun ready if it trys to charge at you again. Shoot it in the head with several shots until you bring the beast down. Never try to approach a polar bear for any reason what so ever. leave the polar bear alone at all costs


  • Fight Back:Your not going to be able to play dead with a polar bear. The best chance you have if attacked is to fight like you have never fought before. I mean what ever it takes use your hands try to stab there eyes. Stab them if you have a knife aim for the face or the neck. You really have to try to kill the bear before it eats you alive so pary that god is with you. Your gunna need it. You should always try to use bear spray instead of shooting and killing the bear.


Take Precautions

Bears will only usually attack because you get to close and they see you as a possible threat. Or you are to close to there cubs. You should always use common sence if you see a bear dont approach it. Keep your distance dont try to aleart the bear that you are in the area. Try to slip away unnoticed. Do not feed bears  and always keep your food doubled bagged and hang it from a tree a ways away from where you plan to camp for the night.

Put all sented soaps, tooth paste, or food in the bag to be hung away from the campsight. do not wear cloths that you were cooking in as bears have a very good sence oif smell. Do not venture in bear country alone. You should always be with someone if something does go wrong you have a better chance if there is two people to fight off the attacking bear.

Carry bear spray at all times and use this over a gun. Bear spray has been proven to be more affected when being attacked by a bear.  If you shoot and kill a bear there will be an investigation and you could be charged if they find you killed the bear without reason if it dosnt attack.

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