Build A Shelter For Survival

By | December 1, 2019

How To Build A Shelter For Survival

Survival in the wilderness is something most people have never thought about. Some even think that it could never happen to them. There are some unlucky people that find themselves in a survival situation. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to build a shelter for survival. You’re understanding on some basic shelters might be a very useful skill

Step 1. Where to Build Your Shelter

When looking for the ideal spot to start building a shelter, Keep a eyes open for a dry level area. Stay away from slopes as water will run down hill and you will get wet if it starts to rain hard. A flat dry place away from rivers or lakes its good idea to just stay away from any water sources to avoid water reaching you in a shelter.

Also, stay clear of any cliffs or dead trees these could be a danger to you and a chances of survival. Falling rocks or dead tree limbs breaking off could seriously hurt or even kill you. So keep a eye out for hazards that could be a danger to you or a shelter

Having a spot for you to make a fire. Make sure there is nothing that is going to catch on fire and start a fire that you are unable to control. Making a wall with stones or dirt around a fire pit. This will allow you to control a fire and keep it from spreading and getting out of a control.

You want to make a fire as close to the entrance of a shelter as possible. This will allow you to keep as much heat as possible in a shelter. This will allow you to stay warm when night falls and the temperature starts to drop.

Step 2. Assessing Your Situation -Then Planning Accordingly

Some things you should start to think of when you find yourself in need of a shelter to survive. Things such as how many people are with you. How cold is it going to get when the sun goes down and the temperature falls. How much time you have to get a shelter set up. Are you able to start a fire. Is this going to be short term or long term survival situation.

You need to plan things according to a situation. You should always stay calm and take things like these into account when a planning on how to build a survival shelter. Having a clear idea about how big to build or the type of shelter that will be ideal for a situation.

Step 3. Different Types Of Shelters

Tarp Style Lean-To

Tarp- Lean -To Survival Shelter

This is one of the quickest most basic type of shelter when it comes to survival. This type of shelter is nothing more than a tarp and some para-cord or any kind of rope will work.This Shelter requires no skills at all to set up simply find two trees that are a few feet apart from eachother. Tie a tarp up like you would hang shower curtain on a shower rod. In this case imagine the tarp is the shower curtain and the shower rod would be the para-cord.

Now That you have the tarp strung through a para-cord or rope. Tie each end of the para-cord to the two trees you have chosen to make your shelter. The top of the tarp should be even on both sides of the trees. Your tarp should be hanging vertical. Now take the bottom part of tarp that is not attached to the para-cord. Pull the bottom part of the trap until the tarp is at a 45 degree slant. Now find some sticks or large stones to pin the botton corners of the trap to the ground and a shelter is complete.

Tarp Tent Shelter

This style of shelter is similar to the lean-to type shelter. Its very easy to build and offers a bit more added protection from the elements. This shelter you will need to first find two trees a couple of feet away from eachother. Once you have found the idea spot you will than tie a para-cord or rope around one tree. With the other end of the para-cord or rope tie the other end to the second tree.

You want to make sure that you tie the cord roughly six feet high. Make sure the cords are tied off at the same hight on the trees. After that you want to take a tarp and hang it over the cord making sure that a tap is hanging over the cord with the tap being even on both sides. From there you want to find some rocks or some sticks to tie the bottom ends of the tarp down. Pull the bottom parts of the tarp out roughly 45 degrees and stake them off with sticks or rocks to secure them to the ground. That is how you build this tent style shelter.

A Frame Shelter

A Frame Shelter

This shelter is a bit harder to build but is excellent type of shelter if a in need of shelter for a few days. With this shelter you will need to gather long tree branches that are 6-7 feet long and that are 4-5 inches think. Try to find trees that are already dead that have fallen over or broke off rather than cutting trees down that are still alive. There should be lots of stuff that you can gather that is already dead and good to use.

Cutting down trees that are alive will end up being alot of work. This will be more work in the long run so look for stuff that you can just pick up and quickly start making a shelter. You first want to find a tree that is a six or eight inches thick and you want it to split off into a (Y) shape at one end. Take the end that splits off and you want to wedge the end up against a tree about 6-7 feet up against a tree that’s alive and standing. Have the other end just going down to the ground.

Now start taking the stuff you gathered and start leaning these up against a main pole filling in the gaps evenly. Make sure that a branches are only going as high as the main branch. Start making a branches smaller and smaller as you place them against the main pole. Make sure you fill all the gaps as good as you can. You want to do the same thing on both sides of the shelter forming an A Frame. You can fill the gaps with leaves or long grass and plants for added protection and this will make it alot warmer for you at night.


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