Will Bottled Water Go Bad

By | December 6, 2019


Does Bottled Water Ever Go Bad?

I was at home getting stuff packed and ready to go camping for the weekend. I had to pack a lot of my camping gear up from my storage cellar in my basement. This ended up being quite a workout.

I grabbed a bottle of water from a case that I purchased over a year prior. I have always kept a hefty supply of water stocked down in my storage cellar. I’m the kind of guy that is OCD when it comes to being prepared for shit to hit the fan.

I looked at the bottle this is when I noticed there was an expiration date on the bottle of water. I was confused for a second. Will bottled water go bad. Now my mind is thinking faster than a fighter jet breaking the sound barrier.

This is the moment my OCD took over. I had to know the answer.  The only thing on my mind was if the water has a set date before it not safe to drink.

So can bottled water go bad?


If the seal on the bottle has not been opened or damaged then that water will remain just as good as the day you got it. Now if the bottle’s seal has been broken or damaged then that’s a different story.

So don’t freak out and go replacing all the water you have stocked up just because it’s been sitting for a couple of years. It will be safe to drink and should remain just as fresh as the day it was bottled.

So stock up on with as much of the blue gold that you can handle because you can keep it for as long as you need. When shit hits the fan you will be prepared and your family will have one less thing they will need to worry about.


So why is there an expiration date then?

The reason they have them is so the stores that sell them can see how long the bottle has been on there shelf. They will always try to get rid of the stock that was from the previous shipment.

So its more for the store’s ability to keep the old water from remaining on the shelves. They always want to get rid of the old stock before replacing it with new stock.


So what if the seal has been opened?

If the bottle seal breaks it will allow air to enter.  Drinking from the bottle can pass bacteria and germs via saliva or backwash. This will allow the bacteria to spread.

Bacteria need air to flourish. When bottles are filled with water the remaining air gets vacuumed out from the inside. It proceeds to a machine to be permanently sealed. When the time comes for the bottle to be opened the seal will break the pressurized inside. This forces air to rush back inside.

This creates a vacuumed sealed bottle. This seal is the main protection that prevents germs and bacteria from entering. having the bottle exposed to air it looses ever defense to prevent germs from entering. The water will quickly become old and dirty.

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