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Poisonous Plants That Are Harmful To Humans

When you are in a survival situation, desperate for food. You struggle to find food before the day is over. You need to start looking for plant’s that you can eat. Never eat or touch anything unless you know for certain that it is not going to cause any harm if ingested or touched. There… Read More »

How To Survive A Bear Attack

The thought of getting attacked by a bear is something most people hope never happenes to them. There is a good chance that you could encounter one of these magestic beasts on a hike in the wild.  Bears dont normally try to attack humans. If for some reason they charge at you, do you know… Read More »

Off Grid Survival Gear

Off-Grid Survival Gear When you find yourself in a survival situation you want to make sure you are prepared. You never know what kind of dangers you might encounter. Being prepared in these situations could be a lifesaver. Just having the right gear with you could really improve the likely hood of your survival. Here… Read More »

Will Bottled Water Go Bad

  Does Bottled Water Ever Go Bad? I was at home getting stuff packed and ready to go camping for the weekend. I had to pack a lot of my camping gear up from my storage cellar in my basement. This ended up being quite a workout. I grabbed a bottle of water from a… Read More »

Build A Shelter For Survival

How To Build A Shelter For Survival Survival in the wilderness is something most people have never thought about. Some even think that it could never happen to them. There are some unlucky people that find themselves in a survival situation. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to build a shelter… Read More »